A little more about me and my journey.

My name is Alaina. I'm Mama to my two girls.

Short story:

I am a wife and a Mom on a journey to figuring out who I am, my purpose, what my passions are and starting new ventures along the way. Discovering there is more to life beyond motherhood without a shred of mom guilt along the way. Sharing my truths, trials, goals and dreams.

Longer Story:

I am a creative visionary entrepreneur. I tend to daydream, come up with new ideas daily and always see opportunity. My sweet and spicy daughters [born in ’12 & ’15]  call me Mama. I survive on big mugs of strong [french press] coffee daily, am a wannabe foodie and sip on reds by the glass occasionally. I love the beach, to learn, being creative and watching documentaries. I’ve moved cross country twice [intentionally] and love summer time. I’m a ‘Mommy Group’ drop out [hey I tried twice, wasn’t for me], impatient, a Sagittarius and an introvert [INTP]. I’m not super shy I just need alone time daily and avoid public attention.

I’m known to keep it real and unsugarcoated while being a risk taker – leap of faith jumper that goes after big dreams and desires. Except, motherhood hit me. I was tired of being tired and just Mom. I forgot who I used to be before I wiped a tiny butt. I eventually admitted the fact that motherhood does not completely fulfill me and accepted that is okay. So I decided to figure out what I wanted to do in life besides make endless snacks. I created this blog as a safe place for me to put my thoughts, feelings and actions out there for myself or anyone else who may be feeling lost or seeking that spark of joy that we all want to feel daily. 

After all “Happy Mama = Happy Life” right? It’s important for mothers [and fathers] to feel happy, fulfilled and passionate otherwise the household will eventually feel the void too.  I want my girls to see me go after something that makes me happy and to know it’s never too late to start a new life or to pursue your dreams. So come follow along on my journey as I discover that I am more than just a Mommy and Wife. I tend to say out loud what everyone else is thinking, so be sure to join the Beyond Mama Life tribe and be alerted when their is a new ‘real talk’ topic to discuss.

Extra Longer Story:

I’m also a wife to my husband [my best friend I am goofy with] that I have been with since 2004. I was 18 and just graduated High School a few days before I met him. We said “I do” on August 14, 2009 then honeymooned in Mexico before we packed up our entire apartment into a U-Haul truck and left New Jersey.

We drove cross country with two cats in an 18 foot moving truck to Arizona in five days.  We were newly married, unemployed (neither of us had a job lined up) and moved in with my parents and brother until we figured out our new lives living in the desert. More on that whole story to come in future posts.

I often wonder who I would have turned out to be if I waited to get
married and have children until I was a bit older.

Long story short I became a wife at 23, a mother at age 26, a mama of two daughters at 29 and moved cross country again at 31. One word to describe my twenties would be: change. I achieved the “dream” many share of getting married, starting a family and owning a home to fill with memories all before the age of 27. If someone asked me if I could go back and wait years to do all of this when I was older…I’d be lying if I said no. I love my family, my husband and am so lucky to have married my best friend. But, taking on the responsibility of being a wife and mother totally derailed my “self discovery growth” period as a twenty something. Only until recently at the end of 2018 as I was nearing turning 33 with my oldest in Kindergarten, the youngest in half day preschool and feeling lost have I felt it was time for me to focus on myself. Time for me to regain the feelings of new excitement, fulfillment, discovery and accomplishment within my own space as a woman, as just me…no titles attached.

The mom guilt has been shed and this self -guided journey to discovering – remembering who I am besides a Mom and Wife has commenced.

I was a personality-career quiz junkie. For years and years the struggle was so real trying to figure out what I have to offer this world. I felt lost and couldn’t pinpoint what my “purpose or passion” was. Motherhood hit me hard (still does most days) and I didn’t remember who I was before I became a Mom, or what I wanted to do when I grew up. Who knew I’d still be trying to figure it out in my thirties. I finally have an idea and am ready to push the imposter syndrome away to confidently live in my purpose.

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