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My Words of the New Year, & Setting Intentions.

We are a week into 2019 and I have not stuck to my daily/weekly goals perfectly but that is why I precisely do not set New Year Resolutions. Life happens, days fly by and drastic changes just don’t last. Setting strict or just unrealistic resolutions for the average person is setting them up to fail. By the second week of January they are writing off 2019 and saying “next year for sure”. Instead I set intentions for the year, month and week. This method allows me to set big goals/intentions as well as smaller ones I know I can accomplish.

A tool I use to help keep order in my life is my planner. I nerd out in the stationery aisle, I’m a Sharpie collector and love a fresh new notebook. So it is no surprise that I use a planner to keep me semi-organized. Do I jot down everything I need to remember and use the planner religiously throughout the year? Nope! However, I am a sucker for smooth colorful pens and crisp quality paper. I’m a visual person and enjoy writing things down opposed to inputting it into my iPhone.

The planner I chose for 2019.

This year I chose a Happy Planner, not one but three and combined them. One for my Mom/Home life stuff, businesses/blog and one for just me to journal my health, wellness, goals/dreams and thoughts. I find writing down my goals and intentions helps me accomplish them. Something about seeing it and the feeling of crossing it off. I’m loving using my Happy Planners, the paper is great quality and I love the various set ups that work for my planning needs. There is a HUGE planner community out there. I am not a decorator, sticker junkie or “spread” planner…that just looks so time consuming. I use the planner for what it is designed for: to remind me of things I need to do, setting intentions/ goals and a space to write down things so I don’t forget. An intention of mine for the new year is to “speak it into existence”, asking/praying for what I want specifically to manifest what I really want.

So why intentions instead of resolutions?

Well, because I find that when I intend to improve on something for example: my health or being more productive, I have better success and actually want to. Real talk, I reused my list of Yearly Goals from 2018 for this year. Ha! Well I accomplished some of the things I wrote down a year ago. A few of them were big dreams I was and am still trying to manifest so recycling the list to keep at it.

I have “blog weekly” written down as my monthly intention for January so I plan to be more active here and see where it goes. I’m a total blogger newbie, no clue what I’m doing really. But I’m doing it! If you haven’t tried setting simple intentions for the week, month and year try it out! No biggie if you don’t get it done, recycle it for the next week or month.

My 2019 Words of the Year:


ACTION: because I am a visionary, I have thought about and daydreamed of starting this very blog for over a year. I constantly think of new ideas, businesses, etc but suffer in the follow through. ACTION is necessary for me this year. I’ve dreamed it, actively manifesting it and so ready to just do it. No more letting fear, time, Mom life or any other excuse get in the way. My actions this year will flourish into accomplishments.

“I am too smart to be this broke.” – Me

WEALTH: Because I have completely changed my viewpoint and feeling on money recently. I’ll explain more on that in a future post. Financial abundance, multiple income streams, paying off debt and building wealth is a huge goal – intention I have set for 2019.

So cheers to manifesting and depositing wealth from a ton of productive actions in twenty nineteen. Happy New Year to you all! May 2019 bring you good health, wealth, happiness and love.

Here’s to being ready to tread rough waters and not drowning when life hits you hard. Cheers to choosing to find opportunity and gratitude daily.
May your inner spark never be washed away.


  • Ryan K Biddulph

    Perfect. Imagine trying to hold a resolution-idea-thought for 365 days, when we have 60,000 thoughts daily? LOL! Intentions carry immense power too; flow from the heart-divine center, while resolutions flow from limited mind.

    • beyondmamalife

      Precisely, Ryan! Failing to uphold a resolution for 365 days would knock down anyone’s spirit. Not meeting an intention perfectly is normal and reiterates we all have areas we can improve. Keeping those intentions light and airy leaves room for evaluating our desires/goals all year long. Yes, so agree intentions to me are what my soul and heart want not what my brain thinks I should choose.

  • Bryan Taylor

    I am too smart to be broke!!!!!

    You just spoke to me. I love this blog. You are definitely sharing and speaking some thoughts in this one. Thanks for your blog. I plan on truly making my plans to work in every way possible.

    • beyondmamalife

      Thank you, Bryan! I was suppressing my intellect, skills, knowledge and ambition for far too long. So glad this post spoke to you and wishing you successful completion of your goals and intentions this year.

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