Cheers to turning 33!

I have never really been a birthday person for myself. I’m a December baby, holidays overshadow the month, it’s cold and expensive. Summer is my favorite time of the year. The Fourth of July is my most favorite holiday of the year — Fireworks, beach days and bbq’ing with friends put me in a jollier mood than December. Bah hum bug. Christmas is heart warming and cheerful with my family but give me long sunny days at the beach over forgetting to move the Elf on the Shelf for a month.

Clearly I was meant to be born December 2nd because I am a Sagittarius through and through despite my aversion to winter. I usually do not make a big deal about aging another year, nor do I plan something for my birthday or count down to it. I didn’t freak out when I turned 30. In fact I am really enjoying my thirties — no shame in staying in, not caring what others think, and an elevated wine palate to name a few pluses. However this birthday year, I’ve been excited. Something about this year turning 33 has given me something to look forward to. As I continue on my self-discovery journey this year I just know 33 will be different. New beginnings, new businesses, new self love/care/identity while focusing on my own inner peace, happiness and meaning. I’ve got big plans for 2019!

The 33rd Birthday is spiritually significant.

Apparently, thirty-three is largely considered the age Jesus Christ was when His life and ministry were abruptly ended in His crucifixion. 33 is also considered an Angel number. Thirty three is the highest of the Master Numbers and Spiritual Consciousness. I’m not versed in religion or numerology/astrology facts, so feel free to Google more about this.

I think it is kind of neat to learn that turning 33 has some meaning behind it whether you believe it or not. It just feels different and more promising than years past. Personally, I am interpreting this thirty third year on earth as my year of reinvention for myself and my business(es). Discovering my life’s purpose(s) – more on that in future posts, meaning, destiny and just honestly realizing that I am worthy to manifest what I want. No more putting it off. Identifying what I want to do in life, determining my goals and accomplishing them. I’m treating the remainder of 2018 and the new year 2019 as a bonus year to shed the pressures of adulting and parenting while embarking upon a journey of self discovery, care, dreaming, firsts and new entrepreneurial ventures.

I’m 33 now which means I give zero f’s about what someone thinks or says about me. Hell, I drop my kids off at school in what I wore to bed, and still think Mariah Carey is the best singer of all time aside from Whitney –don’t come for my girl Mariah. I’ve learned to keep my circle of friends and even family small. Life is too short for drama that leads to pain or unhappiness. If you don’t love where you live — move! [ I did..twice] Can’t wait to see how unapologetically real I’ll be in another 33 years, ha!

12.02.18 came and went.

My birthday plans were: to bake my homemade chocolate peanut butter cup cakes and date night dinner out with the hubs at a sushi restaurant while kids slept over at Grandma’s.

Real life birthday: Little sis was sick so no sleepover, then I woke up sick with a nasty sinus cold on my bday. Felt like crap for a week.

Tis the season, I always get a sinus infection in December. It went away and came back this week, just now feeling better. So sushi dinner has been rain-checked. 5 months til summer — I count down for that!

Looking forward to what this 33rd year on earth has in store for me. Cheers to #33!


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