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Hello there! With this first post, I welcome you to an online space I’ve been called to create for myself and maybe a few other Mothers out there that may need this outlet just as much as I do. Starting a blog has been weighing on my heart for a few years now. Self doubt, time, Mom Life and so many other excuses or distractions got in the way. This year has been enlightening and uplifting for me as I finally put myself first. I shed the Mom guilt and excuses of being the tired mother who always goes last and says “Next year or when the kids get older I’ll start” So as 2018 draws to an end, I want to start this new beginning with no idea what it will lead to or become. I just want to start it. Accomplish something for myself to begin. Begin a new chapter in my own space, something not for the kids but just for me.

A little about me and what I plan to post about:

  •  I became Mama in September 2012. I’m married to my first boyfriend and been together since 2004.
  • I love my two daughters and husband and am thankful for them daily.
  • At 18 years old I said to my Mom “I’m never getting married  and will never have kids” — never say never.
  • I had a traumatic c-section birth with my first daughter
  • I’m a WAHM that doesn’t love being Mom each day — yea I said it.
  • I’m a “blimp” Mom — I’m usually nearby the kiddos but do not hover
  • I do not allow my kids to sleep in my bed — sharing with the Mr. is enough
  • Sagittarius is my sign and I embody every characteristic — I am unfiltered, call it like I see it, a dreamer – visionary and always see the optimistic side of things. Life is too short to be bleh, take chances!
  • I moved cross country twice — intentionally
  • I’m a wannabe Foodie, boujie foodie if you will. Coffee is my first thought and sip every morning. I’m a red wine gal or rosé in summer
  • Mommin’ is freaking hard. I have zero patience, I curse at times  daily –my kids know not to repeat bad words. It’s a hot mess express cycle each day.
  • Motherhood smothered me, swallowed me whole and has stripped me of my own identity. I am currently on a self-guided journey to figure out who I am again. I know I am more than just a Mom.

My journey to finding myself again.

Beyond this mama life, I know there is more to me. When someone asked me what I am passionate about, my interests or what I do for fun — I stalled. Eyes were still as a deer in headlights.  I enjoy when my kids go to bed and I can hear silence, enjoy a piece of chocolate or sip wine in peace and indulge in Netflix or Hulu series. Also love not having to cook a meal or an uninterrupted hot shower. Kids listening the first time, not repeating myself and laundry that puts itself away would be amazing. However, those are all Mom related. I decided it is time to remember who I was pre 2012, prior to when I wiped a butt other than my own.

Yes, I am a mother and a wife who loves her family. But, I am not just those two nouns. I am also a graphic designer, a beach lover, creative, entrepreneur, and a woman who is thankful for her family but is on a journey to figuring out a life beyond just mama. So here goes the documentation of my journey to the renourishment of my mind, body and soul while shedding the self placed constraints of motherhood.

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